TheBingoAffiliatesAt the Bingo Affiliate the network in the last 24 hours has been extremely awesome. Lady luck in the last 24 hours has generously upped its game by rewarding the bingo and also slot players with $251,564 cash in prizes that was paid out.

This is not a once of thing as the daily prize total has been like this from the beginning of November and what is most exciting is that there is still more to come. From a few recent triumphs these massive wins come from there. Ever since the start of November these promotions have been flowing where by payers using the bonus money can be accepted for slots and this has portrayed to be rewarding because it has lured players from all walks of life.

To add to this regular sessions of the bingo games have been changed and new ones have been put into place. The launch on the other hand, has massive special coverall sections and this shows that there has been many lucky players going home with thousands for striking the coveralls.

The total prize of the previous day rose to over $250,000 and tonight one can only but imagine how many players will be smiling today. At the Bingo Affiliates winners include Rar57 who amazingly triumphed on the 11th with a whooping jackpot of $2,923.20. On the same day also a prize of $1,000.00 was won by Spit out My Ball, then on the 10th Dainty got $1,250.00. To continue with the winnings Classic64 who was very lucky indeed got 2,500.00 on the 9th on the 8th Ruby Red Head went home with $2,000.00 and many more too.

As we speak today, the Bingo Affiliates network at the Australian sites are going a bit further with these crazy slots by allowing playing on the slots with bonus money and that also includes 3D slots and thus there are certain that Lady Luck will be occupied in giving out jackpots again to lucky winners.

However, bingo and slot games to players from all types of regions mainly Canada and Australian are being offered by the Bingo Affiliates network. Therefore start playing at this network and see the great amazing things they have on offer for you.

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Posted on: 15th November 2013 by: Lynda Robshaw