UkashAs an online bingo player you have always been able to use the Ukash pre paid voucher system which enables players in many different countries of the world to purchase from a local store a pre paid Ukash voucher, which can then be used to top up your bingo site accounts.

However, after many years of faithful service Ukash is shortly no longer going to be a depositing option for many players, and as such we have put together this news article to introduce you to an alternative banking option, which works in the same way as Ukash did.

This alternative is a PaySafeCard voucher and fortunately you are going to find them just as easy to purchase as Ukash vouchers. If you are in the UK for example simply look out for a store which has displayed outside it a Pay Point or a Pay Zone sign.

However, PaySafeCard vouchers are available in many different countries so if you do wish to use those vouchers to top up a bingo site account but are a little unsure as to which shops and retail outlets nearby to where you live sells them simply visit the PaySafeCard website and use their store locator tool.

There are just as many benefits to be had of using a PaySafeCard voucher as there was when you used the Ukash vouchers, and one of those benefits is that you will never be charged any additional fees for buying them or when using them to top up your bingo site accounts, so the purchase price you pay for them will be the amount of cash that gets credited to your bingo site account balance.

Bonuses and special promotions can be claimed in the same way when you use a PaySafeCard voucher as when you used one of the Ukash vouchers so do not think you will be rewarded with fewer bonuses when using them at any online bingo site that has PaySafeCard listed as one of their available banking options.

If you do want to start playing bingo online and you have armed yourself with a PaySafeCard voucher then take a look around our website for we have a large number of bingo sites fully reviewed and each of them will offer you a generous deposit match welcome bonus once you have registered as a new player which will boost your initial deposit quite significantly!

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Posted on: 26th June 2015 by: Lynda Robshaw