As a bingo player who is based in the UK then you are going to find that you have full and unrestricted access to each and every bingo site available online!

However there are both good bingo sites and bad bingo sites, and being a UK based bingo player you should simply stick to playing at those sites which have a solid track record for not only paying their payers quickly, on time every time, but by having a look at our top 10 bingo sites below you can also grab some very generous online bingo bonuses to boost you bingo playing budget!

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  1. Astro Bingo – If you want to play bingo online, then take a look here. Astro Bingo offer a multitude of special offers, and also, should you not be a member yet will also give you a generous sign up bonus. There are many different types of bingo in play all through the day and night, so whether you’re just in from work, getting ready for bed or just having a chilled out day, you’ll find a bingo game in play for you.
  2. Back2School Bingo – Back2School Bingo is every working mothers dream come true, drop the kids off at school, make yourself a cuppa, and get down to playing at this great value bingo site. The suite of games offered at Back2School Bingo is not only limited to the English or American versions of the game, and as such they offer a huge variety of variations such as the popular single player variant Keno.
  3. Benidorm Bingo – Benidorm Bingo is quite an oddly named site, because most of us will conjure up images of the Solana and Madge in her mobility scooter by the pool! However, this great value bingo site offers you absolutely everything you could ever want from a bingo site including progressive games, single player variants and chat games where the laid back feel and auto dabbing cards ensure you’ll never miss a number again.
  4. Bet365 Bingo – As Bet365 has been going since the dinosaur age, they know a thing or two about gaming, and as such, you’ll discover that the suite of games offered from Bet365 bingo isn’t only limited to bingo. They have also incorporated their casino suite into the site, meaning you can take a break from bingo and move on to the slots or card games like Blackjack if the excitements getting a bit too much.
  5. Betfred Bingo – Betfred, possibly one of the country’s most ethical bookmakers, has diversified into offering you with a suite of bingo games that could see you winning it big. As Betfred has always maintained Fred Dones ideology of fair and honest gaming, you are not only guaranteed a most enjoyable experience, but will also receive any cash outs as soon as humanly possible.
  6. Big Brother Bingo – This bingo site, named after the hit show, which after over a decade is still going strong thanks to our voyeuristic interest into what people do behind closed doors, is perfect should you want to catch up with fellow addicts of the show and still have the chance of hitting some big wins. They offer games all day and night, so whether you’re sat there with a coffee at 10am or a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed, you’ll always find some action.
  7. Heart Bingo – Heart Bingo is one of those sites, you’ll either love it or hate it, because it isn’t solely bingo that it has to offer, but in fact a full suite of games including single player bingo variations such as Keno, card games like Baccarat, Slots and European Roulette, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice, which isn’t always ideal if you can’t make your mind up! That said the variety of games you can play is brilliant if you find yourself tiring of bingo and want to try a new game for a while.
  8. Bingo Boat – If you ever find yourself at a loose end, Bingo Boat offer some of the most innovative bingo games out there. With progressive games, chat games, single player games, slot games, card games, table games and more, the only thing they don’t offer is Shot Roulette! But then again, Shot Roulette isn’t advisable on a school night!
  9. Bingo Bytes – If you’re a bit of a bingo junkie, Bingo Bytes is going to suit you down to the ground. Offering all of the classic favourites such as American Bingo and English Bingo, you’ll also find loads of other variants including progressive Keno games, slots, table and card games and much more. Also if you’re feeling social, you can launch one of the chat bingo games and get all the latest gossip.
  10. Paddy Power Bingo – As a company, we don’t know how Paddy Power actually stays afloat, given the fact that winnings come thick and fast and the sign up offers are truly out of this world. They offer so much more than some other sites offering bingo games, and this isn’t limited to just bingo, they offer slots and card games as well, so if you’re looking for something new to play, check out Paddy Power.