There are plenty of fun and games to be had when you are playing bingo online, however if you are new to this exciting world on online bingo playing then please do have a read through our guide on the top 10 bingo games which can be found below.

This will enlighten you on just how many different bingo games there are currently available whilst at the same time this guide will give you some ideas on just which bingo games you may wish to play when you are next trying your luck at any of our featured online bingo sites.

  1. Bingo Chat Games – The bingo chat games are a lot of fun as you play bingo in the normal way, however at the same time you are also involved in the chat room, and this is where you can find out all about and also claim lots of additional bingo prizes when you are playing in these types of games.
  2. Bingo Jackpot Games – You will of course find lots of ongoing bingo jackpot games readily available and what makes these games so every unique is that they all offer large cash jackpots to players who manage to call house in accordance with the bingo jackpot game rules.
  3. Free Play Bingo Games – You will also come across lots of free to play bingo games, and as the name of these games suggest you are not charged anything for taking part in them but they usually all come with real money cash prizes and as such are worth playing if you have spent up!
  4. 75 Ball Bingo Games – These bingo games use a special bingo card which is structured to ensure the games play thick and fast, each card comes with a free square which you can mark off without having to wait for a number to be called out, this is the middle square on the 75 ball bingo patterns 5 number row by 5 number column layout.
  5. 80 Ball Bingo Games – You are going to be amazed at just how quickly the 80 ball bingo games play, this is down to the fact that each card you can buy to take part in these fast playing bingo games is made up of a card with 4 columns and 4 rows and just 16 numbers is printed on each card.
  6. 90 Ball Bingo Games – This is one of the most popular bingo games played anywhere in the world and when you are playing 90 ball bingo at any of our featured sites you can win not one prize but up to three of them as you can call bingo for getting one line of numbers called out, two lines of numbers and also for having all numbers called out on any one ticket you have purchased.
  7. Link Bingo Games – You will find some bingo sites all link up to allow players playing at several different sites to all play one big large bingo game together, the beauty of these bingo games is that as there are so many extra players then prize pool on offer can be massive.
  8. Progressive Bingo Games – When playing a progressive bingo game the jackpot keeps on growing in value, until one player manages to call house in a certain number of bingo balls, if no one calls house with in that set number of balls called out then the jackpot rolls over to the next progressive bingo game.
  9. New Player Exclusive Bingo Games – Should you have signed up as a brand new player at some online bingo sites, then as part of your welcome bonus you will be given full unrestricted access to an exclusive bingo room, and in this room you will find free bingo games being played, however even though these exclusive new player only bingo games are free to play they all come with real money cash prizes, so they are most certainly well worth you playing when you come across such a bingo site offering them to all of their newly registered online bingo players.
  10. Friday Night Special Bingo Games – As Friday is one of the busiest days of the week at most online bingo sites then you will find many such sites offer a special huge paying Friday Night Bingo game, this will come with a massive jackpot and many of these bingo sites will guarantee that the jackpot will be won by one or more lucky players each and every Friday night, so look out for them as the jackpots on offer can be massive!