Posh Bingo is a bingo site that is famed for their ingenuity and their very unique range of bingo games and promotional offers. In fact, as a player if you are looking for one of the very best online bingo playing experiences you really should give them a try, as you will always find something that tickles your fancy!

They have just launched one of the most unique bingo games we have every come across before and that game is their Flash Fives game. As an avid bingo player you are going to find it offers a much faster type of game play, meaning you have the chance to win more cash much quicker than when playing any of their other bingo games!

The new Flash Fives bingo game has a very unique playing structure so allow us to give you a quick run through as to how it has been designed and how you can win when playing it. You will of course first need to purchase a ticket to play and on each ticket you will find five playing cards. Once one of the playing cards has been called out it will be covered by a chip and the aim of the game is to simply get all five of your cards covered with a chip before any other player manages to do so and you will win.

Therefore this is a mix of a playing card game and a bingo game, just keep in mind that each ticket you buy is in fact a five card hand and is made up of a random set of playing cards containing any of the fifty two standard playing cards in each deck.


The only winning pattern you will be playing for when you sit down to play the Flash Fives Bingo game is a full house pattern and as such you will need all five of your randomly selected playing cards to have been called out first and then covered by a chip to be the winning player. The value of the jackpot that is on offer and up for grabs on each Flash Fives Bingo game will be determined by the cost of the cards and just how many players are taking part in each bingo game, so the busier the bingo room the bigger the cash prizes will become.

You only need to purchase a minimum of one Flash Fives Bingo card to take part in this new game and much like all of the other Bingo games at Posh Bingo the software will automatically check off your cards for you and will place the chip on each one called out automatically, so you will never run the risk of missing a card called out, in fact the game will also call Bingo for you if you win too!

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Posted on: 9th January 2017 by: Lynda Robshaw