Pop Bingo PlaytechIf you enjoy playing bingo online but never seem to win, then how about playing a new online bingo game which is found at Playtech software powered sites, for this new Pop Bingo game has just one player playing and that player is you!

What makes this Pop Bingo game so very appealing is that on every single game of it you play all of the 90 Bingo Balls can be drawn out of the machine and as such with no other players taking part then you are guaranteed to get much more winning games than you ever would playing standard top 10 Bingo games online!

The Pop Bingo game is found under the Arcade game tab when you play at a Playtech powered Bingo site or one of the many Playtech powered online casinos, and to give you an idea of just how it plays and pays we shall give you an overview of it below.

You are first tasked when playing Pop Bingo with having to pick one of the many different stake level options, and once you are happy with your chosen stake levels you can then click on the Play button to set the game in motion.

You will be given just one single 90 Ball Bingo ticket on each game of Pop Bingo you play, however if you do not like the look of the Bingo ticket you can always swap it for another one, and once you set the game in motion the balls will as usual start to be drawn out of the Bingo machine one at a time.

As the Bingo Balls are drawn out of the machine they will automatically be crossed off your Bingo ticket, and at the top of the screen you will see a sliding scale of payouts which are going to be awarded to you once you manage to cross off all 15 numbers on your bingo ticket.

Depending on when you call house you will win the corresponding payout, the only losing sequence listed on the payout schedule is if you call house in 89 or 90 balls drawn out of the machine, and as such you will find you win way more times when playing Pop Bingo online than you could ever hope to do when playing at a standard online bingo site.

Checkout this game today for if you love playing bingo you will love this game for sure!

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Posted on: 11th October 2013 by: Lynda Robshaw