TombolaThere are not many bingo sites online that can boast about how they payout over £7million every single week of the year to their players, however that is something that Tombola can do due to their huge player base and the popularity of all of their many different bingo games and bingo rooms!

It fact due to the number of players who do visit and play at their site they have added a lot more games to their games menu so you will have the option of not only playing any type of bingo games that excite and interest you the most but you are also going to find plenty of side games and loads of bingo slot machines games too.

One aspect of playing at Tombola that has ensured they are always the number one bingo site and game site that players play at the most is that they accept lots of different banking options, and they do of course offer plenty of withdrawal options too.

In fact, they are also one of the fastest paying bingo sites on the web and as such all of their winning players are always getting their payout processed and sent back to them rapidly, and that is something you will also benefit from if you make the very wise decision of playing there.

Free play bingo games are also on offer and many of their free games do have real cash prizes on offer to so you could end up playing for free but winning for real!

As you would expect the most popular bingo game variant on offer at Tombola is of course the 90 Ball Bingo games of which there are many available in lots of different bingo rooms, and each of those games are going to offer you to just one chance of winning a large cash prize per game played but you will have three chances of winning!


However, we would also like to point out that Tombola do have a huge array of many other different bingo game variants on offer and as such if you do have your own personal favourites then you are going to find those bingo games are on offer and available at Tombola and their bingo rooms are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week too!

In fact, if you do fancy playing over at Tombola then you should consider doing so right now, for currently if you register and sign-up today you are going to be able to claim a rather large and tasty looking welcome bonus offer, the details of which and all of the terms and conditions of which you will of course find on their website, so go and take a look!

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Posted on: 10th October 2016 by: Lynda Robshaw