Gala Bingo

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When you first visit the Gala Bingo website, you will see scrolling along the screen what you may think is some form of rogues gallery, however nothing could be more than the truth, for these are real people from across the country who have hit it big on many of the nonstop bingo games that are played morning noon and night at Gala Bingo.

You will be impressed by just how large their winning bingo payouts were, and that gives you some idea of just how big the Gala Bingo site is, it is one of the most populated bingo sites with a huge player base and that simple fact means they have more winners each day and some of the biggest regularly won jackpots than any other online bingo site.

If you have never heard of Gala Bingo then you must not be a resident of the UK, for they are one of the largest land based gambling companies in Great Britain who own and operated both bingo clubs and casinos which complement their online gaming sites. This means above all else, when you play bingo at their online bingo site you are in safe and trusted hands and are not going to be playing at a fly by night type of bingo site!

Gala Bingo Bonus

If you are looking for a generous bingo bonus then you will certainly find the one on offer at Gala Bingo quite tempting, for all you need to do to claim it is to make a deposit and then buy and play just 10.00 worth of bingo tickets, and once you have done this then you will be entitled to an amazing 40.00 in free bingo tickets.

You should have an enjoyable bingo playing session with that free bingo bonus and remember that if you are lucky and any of your tickets are winning ones then you can keep those winnings!

As with any online bingo bonus please make sure that before you make your deposit and start playing and then claim that bonus you take a look at the terms and conditions of the bonus offer which can be found on the Gala Bingo website.

You will not only get a set of free bingo tickets when you become a bingo player at Gala Bingo but you will also be showered with lots of daily and weekly bingo bonuses, get yourself over to their website an follow the links for their promotions page as that is where they always list their up and coming promotions.

Making your initial deposit is going to be a simple procedure and as such you can use a pre paid voucher, a web wallet or even your credit or debit card, all deposits are instantly processed and assessed to your account balance in real time and when it comes to cashing out your winnings they always payout their winning quickly and on time!

Gala Bingo Games

Special Bingo Games – Gala Bingo is of course famed for their special bingo games, they have plenty of them running throughout the day and the place to visit is the Gala Bingo Schedule on their website or when you log into their bingo software as all of their special bingo games are always listed there, allowing you to find the best games to play quickly and very easily.

  • 75 Ball Bingo Games – Make sure that you checkout the 75 ball bingo games if you like each bingo game you play to be different, for one these particular bingo games there are literally thousands of different bingo patterns you will be playing for at the Gala Bingo site and as such every single game is unique.
  • 80 Ball Bingo Games – If you like playing as many bingo games that you can possibly cram into one session then head over to the Gala Bingo site and join in their fact paces 80 ball bingo games, with just 16 numbers on each bingo card and just 4 numbers are needed to complete a winning one line bingo pattern the prizes really are there for the taking and a large amount of them are up for grabs!
  • 90 Ball Bingo Games – With not one but three amazing cash prizes to be won on each 90 ball bingo game played at Gala Bingo your money is going to go much, much further when you play these great bingo games. Simple get one, two or all three lines crossed off and if you are the first player to do that one each individual round of the game then you are a winner.
  • Live Bingo Games – You can play live bingo at the Gala Bingo site every evening of the week from 5pm onwards, you can fully interactive with their live bingo hosts and get stuck into play some mega paying bingo games, you can even get a shout out from the presenters and join in all of the fun and game which is only possible when you are playing live bingo games online, checkout the Gala Bingo website for more details, you really do not want to miss these fun filled live bingo games!