Giggle BingoHow do you fancy doubling your winning bingo payouts this Saturday Night? Well if you do, and we expect any online bingo player will of course want to double the value of their winning bingo payouts, then the site you need to visit is the Giggle Bingo site for they have launched their own unique Saturday Night promotional offer that could see your winning payouts being doubled in value!

At the Giggle Bingo site between the hours of 8pm and 11pm in their Grapevine Bingo room they are playing their special Saturday Night Fever Bingo games, and that is the bingo room you need to be logged into to take part in these double winning payout bingo games.

You will also need to have the chat room software open and be ready to stake your claim whenever you are playing and are the first playing to cross off all of the numbers on any one of your purchased bingo tickets.

Should you be playing bingo in the Giggle Bingo site in the Grapevine room between the hours of 8pm and 11pm and you manage to get a full house then the very second that winning final number is called out on your winning bingo ticket enter the phrase “I’ve got the Saturday Night Fever” into the chat room and this will then alert the Giggle Bingo chat host who will then instantly double your winning bingo payout.

If you do fancy taking part in these special promotional bingo games and you are not already a member of Giggle Bingo then make sure you sign up as soon as possible for not only will you be then able to access instantly these bingo games but when you make your very first deposit into the Giggle Bingo site a very generous sign up bonus will also be coming your way!

There are also plenty of huge paying big money jackpot games on offer at the Giggle Bingo site morning, noon and night, so no matter when you actually decide to log on to play you will always find plenty of high paying games at your disposal and waiting for you.

Plus do not forget that Giggle Bingo is also the home of free of charge bingo games so if you fancy playing bingo online for free then log on and get stuck into playing these cost free games on which plenty of real cash prizes are up for grabs!

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Posted on: 11th December 2013 by: Lynda Robshaw