There are quite a number of different bingo sites available to online and mobile players, however if you are based in the US then sadly there are only a limited number of such sites that will allow you to play for real money.

One site that we just know is going to live up to every single US bingo players very highest of expectations is the BingoFest site, and to help you make up your own mind as to whether they are worthy of your gaming action, below you will find out everything they have to offer you as a player.

Tailor Your Bingo Cards and Tickets

There is a very good chance that there will be certain numbers that could be called out of the bingo machine that mean something to you, such as your own personal set of lucky numbers of even birthday or anniversary numbers too.

If you do have your own set of lucky numbers then one brilliant feature that you are going to find on offer at BingoFest is that you can select those numbers and have them put only any bingo card you have chosen to purchase which allows for a much more personalised type of bingo playing experience!

The Best Bingo Site Bonuses

One thing that you will have probably noticed if you have been searching around the web for a new bingo site at which to play at is lots of bonus offers are up for grabs, however many of them will be very small ones and hardy worth claiming!

That is not going to be the case when you sign up to this bingo site for from the very get go you will have access to some enormous initial welcome sign up bonuses and by playing regularly you will be offered lots of generous and big ongoing bonuses too!

Easy Way to Deposit and Withdraw

I you are based in the US you may have been left pulling your hair out so to speak trying to deposit and/or withdraw your winnings from some online and mobile bingo sites in the past!

However, you will never experience any of that nonsense at BingoFest for their banking interface is both easy to use and comes with a plethora of US player friendly banking options to allow seamless deposit and very timely winning payouts too!

Huge Bingo Jackpot Games

There is also going to be a packed schedule of lots of daily bingo jackpot games, and as such if you do fancy getting stuck into playing some bingo games on which life changing jackpots can be won, which some with very low bingo card and ticket prices, then this is definitely the bingo site for you!