UkashWe are often asked are there any other ways that you can deposit and send funds into an online Bingo site other than using a Debit or Credit Card, as many players would prefer not to have to give out their card details when online and are seeking a 100% safe and secure way of shipping funds directly into their online Bingo site accounts.

There are in fact many ways you can fund such an account online, however what you will find when using for example a web wallet such as Neteller or Skrill those accounts held with those companies will see you having to use your Credit or Debit cards to top up your web wallet, which is something many players would prefer not to do.

There is a pre paid voucher system which you may be interested to learn about and this is offered by a company called Ukash. All you need to do to get a pre paid voucher is to visit any shop which is displaying either a Pay Zone or Pay Point sign outside, and then request an Ukash voucher to the value of your own choosing.

As soon as you have requested one you hand over the face value of the voucher and in exchange you will be given a printed voucher on which a long and unique 19 digit code has been printed along with the value of that voucher.

As soon as you return home you can then log into your favourite online Bingo site, launch the banking interface and by selecting the Ukash option you just enter the 19 deduct code and the value of the voucher and click OK or Submit and in seconds the funds will be placed into your bingo account.

Using one of these Ukash vouchers does of course mean you never have to pay any fees or charges and you will be able to play real money Bingo games online without ever having to reveal your Credit Card or Debit Card details.

One aspect of using Ukash is that if you do wish to make a withdrawal after having had a winning Bingo playing session you will then have to pick a method to get your winnings sent back to you. Many Bingo sites offer various different methods so getting your hands on those winnings will be a quick and hassle free procedure!

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Posted on: 18th July 2014 by: Lynda Robshaw